Famous French Macaron Shop Offers Vegan Options

Parisian macaron shop Ladurée offers delicious macarons and other desserts. They have recently started offering vegan macarons that are just as tasty as the original ones. When you’re in Paris, you absolutely have to try them!

Ladurée is a shop with a long history. It dates back to 1930 and is one of the most popular dessert shops in Paris. They’re famous for their macarons that now come in two vegan options – one with dark Peruvian chocolate and one with cocoa and caramel.

The vegan macarons don’t have eggs, milk, or butter. The shop uses non-dairy milk (a mixture of millet, almond, and hazelnut milk) to create ganache cream for the first option, and coconut and sunflower oil combined with soy milk for coconut and caramel macarons.

New vegan versions of other desserts will be regularly added to Ladurée’s menu.