Add These Spring Beers to Your Shopping List

Spring is finally here, and it’s time to start packing those heavy, dark beers into your cabinets and saving them for cold weather this fall. It’s now springtime, meaning that our beers will start to get lighter and more drinkable for those long evenings outside on the deck.

Looking for some perfect spring-centric beers for this season? Here are some of my top picks for beer styles that go great with the spring.

New England IPA

New England IPAs have been one of the most trending beers during the past couple of years. While normal IPAs are known for their hop bitterness, the New England variant of this style backs down on the hops and allows tropical fruit flavors to shine through.


Gose beers were originally brewed in Germany in the 13th century, and have recently become popular throughout the world. Low in alcohol and featuring lemon sour notes, saltiness, and a touch of coriander, this is an extremely drinkable style that you’ll love for doing yard work and other outside chores.


Another beer style with German roots that goes great with the springtime is the famous pilsner. While many of us might believe that this beer carries negative connotations due to its mass-produced variants, the truth is that craft breweries make plenty of delicious varieties of this refreshing brew.