Four Classic Wine and Food Pairings for Beginners

Photo by Lana Abie on Unsplash

Welcome to the world of wine pairings!

One of the advantages of drinking wine with a meal is that the different grapes and varieties of wine can be the perfect complement to a meal.

Here are four perfect pairings that will help you start pairing food and wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon with Steak

This is one of the most classic pairings known to man. Cabernet’s bold tannins are a perfect complement to the strong, meaty flavors of a good grilled steak. You’ll love how they balance each other out.

Sangiovese with Pasta with Tomato Sauce

An Italian red has to go well with pasta in tomato sauce, right? It’s not surprising that a Sangiovese goes perfectly with an Italian pasta dish. The acidity in the tomato sauce plays off of the Sangiovese’s fruitness.

Sauvignon Blanc with White Fish

A light wine like Sauvignon blanc goes very well with white fish. The citrusy, light flavors of a Sauvignon Blanc doesn’t overwhelm the delicate flavors of white fish like tilapia.

Riesling with Pork Chops

This might be the least well-known of the four pairings, but it works great. Rieslings tend to be a little sweeter than most whites, but you’ll love how the interplay between the saltiness of pork chops plays off of this sweetness.

Wines are a great way to complement any meal, and hopefully this gives you some ideas to work with!