Four Southern Classics That You Must Try

Photo by Brian Chan on Unsplash

If you were to pick one region of the United States that’s world-renowned for its contributions to gastronomy, it would have to be the South.

This region has produced a number of incredible dishes that are now recognized around the world for their fantastic taste. If you’re looking to take your Southern food game to the next level, here are four dishes from this region that you have to try.


The South’s bread par excellence has to be biscuits. These puffy, light, and airy bread rolls are usually made with buttermilk, which gives them a rich flavor that goes perfectly when slathered with jelly or butter.

Fried Chicken

The most famous food worldwide that comes from the South is probably fried chicken. Now available nearly everywhere, the juiciness and saltiness of this delicious dish is the centerpiece of many a-Southern meal.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Want to make a Southern brunch at home? Then you have to include FGTs, which are made with unripe tomatoes that are covered in batter and then fried. Sounds weird, but tastes incredible.

Regional Barbecue

The South is home of all kinds of regional barbecues, from vinegar-based Carolina barbecue to sweet and sticky Memphis barbecue. You can’t go wrong with any of them, as these delicious sauces bring out the best in all kinds of meat.