Tricks for Making the Perfect Cup of Tea

Photo by 五玄土 ORIENTO on Unsplash

Although it seems like a simple beverage, tea can go from just okay to truly delicious if you know how to prepare it correctly.

Here is a guide to taking your next cup of tea from ordinary to extraordinary.

Use Loose-Leaf Tea, not Tea Bags

The traditional method of tea preparation uses loose-leaf tea instead of bagged tea, and the result is a more flavorful and full-bodied tea.

Allowing the leaves to come into direct contact with the water during the brewing process allows more of the leaves’ characteristics to show up in the aroma and taste of tea.

Brew the Tea for the Correct Amount of Time

While many people simply allow the tea leaves to sit inside of the hot water for a random amount of time, it’s important to know how long your tea should steep.

In general, tea should usually be brewed for between 3-7 minutes, but it can vary. For example, if you want a strong flavor with a lot of caffeine, you’ll need to brew your tea for more time. A delicate green tea might not require as much time.

Drink the Tea at a Proper Temperature

Instead of drinking your tea while it is scalding hot, let it take some time to cool down to the perfect temperature.

Letting the tea cool off for a few minutes until it is simply warm instead of burning hot will allow you to appreciate it. You may be able to detect floral notes in green tea or the tannins and slightly oxidized tones in a black tea.