Four Summer Ales that You Have to Try While It’s Warm

If there’s any type of beer that’s perfect for the summer months, we shouldn’t be surprised that it’s summer ale.

This wheat beer is a traditional American classic during the year’s hottest months due to its refreshing, light nature. Many craft and large breweries now produce their own summer ales, which explode in popularity in June, July, and August.

Here are four summer ales that you have to try this summer.

Oberon Ale: Bell’s Brewery

A classic summer ale is Oberon from Bell’s, a craft brewery located in Michigan. Oberon is a pale wheat ale that mixes spicy yeast notes with a slight fruitiness. It’s perfect on a hot day.

Summer Ale: Samuel Adams

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Samuel Adam’s Summer Ale started this beer trend in the US. This Boston-based brewery’s summer ale is noted for its wheaty and lemony taste that goes down so easily that it’s scary.

Fleur de Houblon: Ommegang Brewery

Looking to try a unique summer ale? Fleur de Houblon from New York’s Ommegang Brewery is a Belgian ale that combines tropical fruit flavors like banana and mango with Belgian yeast spices.

Summer Solstice: Anderson Valley Brewing Company

This beer is marketed as “cream soda for adults,” which is how this California brewery envisions its product. A light, spicy, and easy to drink summer ale, it’s perfect for grilling in the backyard.