Four Ways to Incorporate More Fiber into Your Diet

Image by FotoshopTofs from Pixabay

Dietary fiber is one of the most important things that we humans can consume. In addition to its digestive benefits, fiber also helps people maintain a lower weight and avoid heart disease and diabetes.

Here are four ways that you can add more fiber into your diet.

Whole-Grain Products

Whole-grain products are a fantastic source of dietary fiber. Instead of using white bread products for your sandwiches or as an accompaniment for dinner, try using their whole-grain varieties. They provide an excellent fiber boost for your diet.

Whole Fruits and Vegetables

Did you know that the peels and skins of fruits and vegetables typically contain lots of fiber? Instead of peeling your apples and kiwis, you should try eating them with the skin on. This will add loads of fiber to your diet.


Legumes, which include peas and beans, are famous for containing lots of fiber. They can be a great side dish for lots of dinner entrees and are a mindless way to up your fiber consumption.

Nuts and Seeds

One little-known source of fiber is nuts and seeds. Did you know, for example, that almonds contain 12 g of dietary fiber per 100 grams? Munch on seeds and nuts throughout your day for a tasty snack and to up your fiber intake.