Fruited Sours are All the Rage in the Craft Beer World

Craft beer is a burgeoning industry in the food and drink world. This fairly new trend of small breweries that let their creativity shine through unique ale and lager creations has found a huge following among beer lovers from all walks of life.

One of the hottest trends in craft beer recently has been sour beers, and specifically, the introduction of fruited sours into the world of artisan suds.

Sour beers have a tart and/or acidic taste which is rare in the world of beer. While they may sound strange at first, this unique twist on beer is one of the most delicious creations that anyone in the craft beer industry has come up with.

When you add fruit flavors to the mix, the result is a crisp and refreshing beer that is truly second to none.

Brewers these days are beginning to take a sour beer base, which is made by using wild yeast strains or bacteria to give the beer a tart flavor and adding fruit pulp or juice to turn it into a fruited sour. This works especially well with fruits that have a bit of tartness such as blueberries and cherries.

Have you tried a fruited sour beer yet? What did you think?