Fruits and Vegetables That Don’t Need To Stay In The Fridge

Before you go ahead overflowing your refrigerator with produce, check this article out. You may not realize that some of your favorite fruits and veggies are best left at room temperature. 


Not only do tomatoes not have to be refrigerated, but putting them in the cold can actually ruin their delicate flavor. Keep them in your pantry to avoid spoiled, bland tomatoes.

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Two weeks ago i bought these from a friend at work. Her sister has a small #greenhouse that grows amazing, shiny red, beautiful, flavorful #cherrytomatoes 🍒🍅. . The first thing i wanted to make with them is a cherry tomatoes #salad with red onion, basil leaves, a little bit garlic powder, olive oil, salt & pepper. 🥗 The flavors were AMAZING. The sweetness of the cherries combined with their Umami flavor was PRICELESS! . I've seriously reached the fifth dimension of taste, so i wanted to keep on growing this magnificent species, and the process is sooo easy! I bet most of you didn't even think about this wonderful option [like me, until two weeks ago 😅]. . So i took a few #seeds from one of the cherries and planted them in a small plastic box, watered the soil with sprinkler [for a moist soil] and sealed it with plastic wrap in order to simulate greenhouse conditions. *Only around day 7* i opened, watered and sealed it again till day 14. . After you've seen this successful process, the next step is to repot these babies to a bigger-dipper pot so they'll be able to grow and take roots properly. ✅💚 PICS SOON! . . . . . . . . . . . #houseplantclub #plantsonpink #pilealovers #fiddleleaffig #succulentlove #plantshelfie #monsteramonday #interiorrewilding #houseplantsofinstagram #crazyplantlady #ihavethisthingwithplants #myplantlovinghome #plantladyisthenewcatlady #livingwithplants #houseplantjournal #greeninterior #house_plant_community #telaviv #telavivplants #urbanjunglebloggers #lyreplantlady #green #telaviv #tomatoes

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This sweet, tropical fruit absolutely hates the cold. For sweeter bananas, keep them out of the fridge.


Do you ever feel like you’ve been waiting for years for an avocado to ripen? Leaving it out at room temperature can definitely speed up the process.


Though you may be quick to throw a bunch of basil in the fridge along with your other leafy greens, it’s not the best idea. Basil can develop unappetizing dark spots in cold temperatures.


Keep melons on the counter: including cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew. Storing these fruits in the cold can decrease their antioxidant count and sweetness.


Onions, shallots, and garlic do best at room temperature as well. Refrigerated onions can quickly grow mold or start sprouting.