Gina Homolka is Giving Healthy Recipes a Whole New Meaning

With over 1.7 million Instagram followers and counting, Gina Homolka has already proven her ability to make a difference. Under the alias Skinnytaste, she frequently posts beautiful pictures of dishes she’s created, and always accompanies it with a recipe that shows how to make it. The best part is that her recipes are super healthy along with being as delicious as ever. Here are some of her most recent tantalizing creations!

Spanakopita Baked Eggs

If you’re someone who loves a tasty dish of sunny-side-up eggs in the morning, you’ll probably find this spinach-inspired dish to be pretty riveting. After we wake up in the morning, the last thing we can think of is cooking up a gourmet dish, and yet Homolka has managed to show us that it’s possible.

Whole Wheat Irish Soda Bread Muffins

At first glance, you might think these are just typical chocolate chip muffins. Just by looking at the title, however, we learn that they’re so much more. What exactly are Irish soda bread muffins? We’re not sure, but we can’t wait to bake them and find out.

Fish Florentine

She advertises this recipe as “the best fish recipe”, and just by looking at this picture, we can’t help but trust her. This has to be one of the most colorful and elaborate fish recipes we’ve ever seen, and we can feel our mouth-watering just from looking at it! Sign us up for a piece, please!