Got Cream Cheese? Here are 5 Ways to Use It in Your Cooking

Cream cheese
Image by bit245/depositphotos

Cream cheese is one of the most underrated spreads. Sure, it’s amazing on bagels, but there are so many other uses for it. Cream cheese can take your sweet and savory dishes to the next level, making pasta, fillings, frosting, cakes, and dips even more delicious. Here are five uses for cream cheese beyond just a spread.

Creamy Chicken

Instead of using heavy cream to cook a tasty, creamy chicken, cream cheese is a great lighter alternative. Your chicken will be bursting with flavor!


Do you love cheesy pasta? You can make your pasta even cheesier by adding a little cream cheese to the sauce of baked pasta. It will melt right in.

Savory Tarts

Cheese can be expensive and cream cheese is an affordable way to stretch pricier cheeses found in tarts. Cream cheese pairs well with almost any other cheese.

Creamy Dips

Cream cheese melts without breaking, making it great for baked dips. Pair cream cheese with your Greek yogurt vegetable dips.


The secret to melt-in-your-mouth frosting is cream cheese. You’ll have fluffy and smooth frosting that’s the slightest bit tangy. Cream cheese pairs so well with anything chocolate.