Make Delicious Creamy Soups in 3 Steps

Creamy soups
Image via ccat82/Depositphotos

The delicious taste of creamy soup really has the power to bring you back to life, and it’s good all year round. If you want to welcome this warm and healthy dish into your life, you should start perfecting your recipe ASAP, and avoiding these common mistakes will make things easier.

Blender Choice

You’ll probably need to blend the veggies for your puréed soup, and the type of blender that you’re using makes all the difference. Standard blenders and food processors are best avoided, and you should replace them with an immersion blender in this case, because they make it possible to check the constancy of your soup as you go along.

Cooking Veggies

It’s also important that the veggies that you’re using in your soup are cooked to perfection. If you’re prone to under or overcooking your veggies, you can avoid this mistake by cutting them into smaller pieces and checking their doneness with a fork.

Make It Creamy

Creamy soups often call for the use of plain yogurt, sour cream, milk, butter, or similar ingredients to give them their creaminess. It’s up to you to pick your favorite, but keep in mind they won’t taste great when reheated, so it’s best to eat your soup fresh.