Great Things to Make With Pears

Pear recipes
Photo by khloe arledge on Unsplash

Pears are a unique and underrated fruit with a flavor, texture, and color that’s perfect for fall. Not only are they delicious to eat alone, they’re a great fruit for cooking too. Since pears have a great balanced sweetness and juiciness which isn’t overwhelming, there are tons of great recipes both sweet and savory that use them. Here are just a few.

Pears and Kale

For a unique side dish at your next dinner party, try this quick and healthy, but delicious dish. Simply sautee some pears and kale in olive oil and balsamic vinegar along with some pine nuts.

Pear and Goat Cheese Galette

This galette could be served as either a dessert or a meal. It combines pears, goat cheese, nuts, and honey for a sweet, creamy, crusty slice of heaven. You can use whole wheat crust if you want to make it into a more substantial meal.

Pear and Chocolate Pie

For a more indulgent treat, layer some pears and chocolate in a pie crust. Pear and chocolate is a delicious combination, but it’s one that doesn’t get used as often as it should. Use dark chocolate, as milkier chocolate doesn’t work as well with pears’ unique flavor. This is a great treat for people who don’t like super sweet desserts.