3 Surprisingly Healthy Foods

Dark chocolate
Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

When we’re trying to eat healthy, it can sometimes be hard to sort through all the fad diets and conventional wisdom to figure out which foods are really hurting us and which are actually a good source of nutrients. Lots of foods that we tend to think are bad for us are actually healthy when eaten in moderation. And in fact, any food becomes bad for you if you eat too much of it! Here are a few foods that you can eat regularly, guilt-free.


Carbs are often given a bad rap in mainstream dieting, with a reputation for being heavy and fattening. But in fact carbs are an essential dietary category, and help you feel full for longer. Lighter carbs like bread, pasta, and rice are quite good for you on their own. It’s just when you have too much or cover them in creamy sauces and sugary spreads that they get fattening.


Since popcorn is sold alongside chips at the store and movie theatre, it’s easy to see it as junk food. But since it’s made of corn (a grain) and isn’t at all dense, it’s not really unhealthy unless you drown it in butter. In fact, it has all the same nutrients as corn such as fiber and vitamin B.

Dark Chocolate

Of course, chocolate is most associated with desserts, which puts it in the “unhealthy” category. But in fact, pure cocoa has flavonoids, which can improve heart health, blood pressure, and concentration. Since dark chocolate has minimal sugar, you can eat a little every day without worrying.