Ham For Breakfast? Heck Yeah!

Photo by Сергей Орловский on Unsplash

Ham is normally reserved for lunch or dinner, but it is a perfect meat to have in the morning. There are so many recipes that it works well with, and it is a less greasy and still delicious substitute from bacon. Although you should be careful with how much you intake, having the occasional treat-yourself type breakfast is a fun way to do something good for yourself.

Ham Scramble

If you are a little tired of regular scrambled eggs, why not through some ham in there! Just scramble your eggs as normal and add in bits of ham towards the end so it just heats through. Make sure you don’t season your eggs until they are off the heat and be sparing with the salt since ham is inherently salty.

Breakfast Sandwich

Everyone loves a good breakfast sandwich. Whether you want to use a classic southern biscuit, wrap it up in a burrito, a bagel, croissant, or more, ham is a great ingredient to add in. Just cook an egg however you like, add in a slice of cheese, ham, and at least a few vegetables like tomatoes or avocado and you are set to surely have a great day!