Handheld Immersion Blenders are a Kitchen Must-Have

One essential item in any kitchen has to be a blender. This tool can be used to do all kinds of useful things while cooking — from mixing ingredients to blending different items together for recipes such as smoothies.

Did you know, however, that not all blenders are tabletop? In fact, one kitchen tool that I strongly recommend for anyone who considers himself a kitchen whiz is a handheld immersion blender.

Handheld immersion blenders do the same thing as a tabletop blender, but they have the advantage of being much more portable and flexible than the traditional version.

Instead of adding things into a container on top of a blender that can’t move, you simply stick the handheld immersion blender into any container.

It’s so much easier to just put the handheld immersion blender into a sauce pot full of blanched tomatoes, for example, than to put them inside of a blender and then transfer them back into a pot when making a tomato sauce.


Another limitation that handheld immersion blenders take care of is quantity. If your tabletop blender won’t hold a large quantity of food that needs to be blended, this isn’t a problem if your blender is handheld.

Anyone who is looking to save time and simplify their life in the kitchen has to pick up a handheld immersion blender. You definitely won’t regret it!