You’re Probably Making These Mistakes with your Lentils

Image by PDPics from Pixabay

Lentils are an amazing protein source for people who don’t eat meat, but they’re also delicious and healthy in general. However, a lot of people make simple mistakes with lentils that can easily be fixed, so follow these tips and you’ll have perfect lentils every time.


The liquid you cook your lentils in matters. If you put it in plain water, even if it’s salted, it’s not going to taste as amazing as it could. Instead, use at least half stock and half water so your lentils get more flavor. Even if it’s just water you boiled with garlic and onion for 5 minutes, it’s better than nothing.

Also, don’t be afraid to use too much liquid. If they’re done before they absorb all the water, you can just drain them, but it’s always better to start with more liquid than have too little.


There are tons of different kinds of lentils, and depending on what you’re cooking, you might be using the wrong kind. For example, if you want to make an Indian-style stew or soup, the best kind to use is red lentils because they get really creamy and mushy. However, if you want to use them in a salad, red lentils will not leave you with an appetizing looking or tasting meal.