Have You Tried Ruby Chocolate Yet?

Image by Zacharie Grossen/Wikipedia

By now, you’ve probably seen ruby chocolate around, but you may have not tried it yet. Ruby chocolate, also known as pink chocolate, first appeared in 2017. It was created and patented by Barry Callebaut, who brand it as “the fourth type of chocolate,” along with the dark, milk, and white chocolate.

Ruby chocolate first appeared commercially in Japan thanks to Nestlé in 2018. Since then, many companies over the world introduced ruby chocolate to their customers. But what exactly is ruby chocolate?

According to Callebaut, ruby chocolate comes from “ruby cocoa beans”. This is not a new type of cocoa, and Callebaut claims that it’s not a genetically modified cocoa variety, but we’re still not sure what exactly it is. The patent holder says it’s a trade secret and he doesn’t want to give it up.

What does ruby chocolate taste like? Those who have tried it say that its flavor falls between chocolate tart and berries, although the manufacturer claims that no berry flavors, real or artificial, have been added. It’s a mystery, but a pretty one. Ruby chocolate is becoming a social media hit and we’re sure we’ll learn more about it in the near future.