Here’s an Easy Way to Make Your Own Pumpkin Spiced Coffee

The fall has just started, but fans of pumpkin pie spice have already started enjoying their fall-themed foods and drinks. If you’re among those who love pumpkin spice coffee, but don’t like the idea of buying one every day at some of the popular chains, here’s how to make one at home.

Our first attempt to make a homemade cup of pumpkin spice coffee didn’t end well because all we got was the floating spice on top of the coffee that just ruined everything. Now we know better – the key is to mix the spice with the coffee before brewing it so it blends nicely together!

You can use any pumpkin spice blend you like or even make your own. Mix it with pre-ground coffee or, even better, grind it together with coffee beans. Around half a spoon should be enough for two cups. Brew as usual, then add sugar and milk. Enjoy your perfect cup of coffee!