How Is Raw Fish For Sushi Prepared?

Sushi fish
Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash

Have you ever noticed that when you buy fresh salmon from the market, it’s a bit different than the raw fish you find in sushi? That’s because the raw fish you eat in sushi is special in its own way. It turns out that preparing raw fish, or at least the kind for sushi, is a lot more complicated than it may seem at first. Here’s everything that goes into this unique process.

Quality Fish

The first thing that needs to be done is selecting quality fish. When you buy regular salmon at the store, it’s not necessarily the highest quality around, whereas sushi chefs specifically choose the best quality cuts you can find.

Freezing It

Another thing that must be done before using raw fish for sushi is freezing it for a considerable amount of time. This helps kill all of the potential toxins and bacteria that may inhabit the fish.

Fine Cutting

Finally, another thing that separates raw fish in sushi from the rest is the fact that it’s cut by professional sushi chefs. You may not realize this, but just the mere fact that sushi fish is cut a certain influences the way you perceive it, which is why is seems “better” than normal raw fish.