How Often Should You Eat Takeout Food?

Take Out
Photo by Alan Retano/Pexels

In this day and age, it can be incredibly easy to order takeout food. Whether you’re someone who picks it up yourself or enjoys a good old fashioned delivery, the convenience is a real appeal to so many people who are exhausted after a long day. But no matter how strong the appeal is, we’re here to urge you to monitor your intake of takeout food. But how much of it is too much?

Ultimately, the amount of takeout food that you order really depends on your personal situation. Allow us to cover a few of these different bases.


The first thing that should be addressed is how well off you are financially. This may seem like an uncomfortable subject, but you need to ask yourself these questions in order to make good choices. If you have plenty of financial freedom where having a savings account isn’t really necessary, then you’re probably okay to order out plenty. But if you live more in the real world, you should probably limit it to once a week.

Healthy Or Not?

Another thing to ask yourself is how healthy the takeout food is. More often than not, takeout food isn’t super healthy, but if you’re someone who orders exclusively from healthy spots, you can be a bit more lenient. Otherwise, again, you should probably limit your takeout orders to once or twice a week.