3 Perfect Dishes for an Authentic Tapas Spread

Chicken wings
Photo by Syed F Hashemi on Unsplash

Tapas is a popular choice for a shared meal. Originating in Spain, tapas consists of a selection of small dishes that are shared between people. It’s ideal for enjoying lots of different tastes within the same meal and is perfect for hosting a dinner party. If you’re looking for ideas, then here are some authentic Spanish dishes that are commonly included in tapas.

Patatas Bravas

This classic dish is ultimately fried potato cubes served with “brave” sauce, which is spicy and creamy and pairs perfectly with the tender potato chunks. This one is easy to make and usually very popular.


These deep-fried squid rings are usually served with lemon juice to squeeze over for a fresh, seafood taste with a super satisfying bite.


Another popular potato dish, these are deep-fried balls consisting of mashed potato and a variety of fillings, including fish, meat, or mushrooms. 

Chicken Wings

A classic addition to a tapas spread is some tasty chicken wings. These can be coated in a crispy batter or marinated in a spicy sauce and bring some super tasty protein to the table.


Also known as ‘Spanish omelet’, this tasty dish is made up of potatoes and eggs, sometimes with onion included. This is fried in a pan and is best served warm, but can be enjoyed cold too.