3 Reasons to Always Have Limes Around

Photo by Sam Hojati on Unsplash

Many people have a general list of food items and ingredients that they buy regularly to have in stock at home. There may be cupboard staples and frequently used fridge items, so regularly stocking up on these items makes perfect sense. If your version of this list doesn’t contain limes, then here are three reasons to start adding them to it. 

Bring Out Flavor in Sauces

Limes have such a unique flavor and add so much flavor and zing. Whether you’re making a tasty stir-fry sauce or are planning to make a variety of salsas and dips for a tapas-style meal, having limes on hand to squeeze some freshness into your recipes will be a game-changer. 

Create Some Exciting Desserts

Lime is such a versatile flavor and is so often used in many savory dishes, but is great in sweet contexts too. For example, a simple lime sorbet is a simple but sure way to impress guests.

Use as a Garnish 

Whether you’re having friends over for some cocktails or you’ve cooked a fancy meal for date night, having some limes around to slice up as a garnish is a great way to add some appealing color and flavor to so many foods and drinks.