How to Amp Up Your Indian Food at Home!

Image by TravelAdvisor on Pixabay

Indian food is so wide and varied since every area of the country has its own cooking traditions. The flavors and aromas are so enticing, and usually vegetarian or even vegan. If you love cooking at home but haven’t quite mastered your Indian dishes, here are some ways to amp them up.


Ghee is a clarified butter often used in Indian cooking. If you haven’t used it before, it could hold the secret to making your food taste better. Ghee is really flavorful but is also better than butter since it doesn’t have any milk solids.


A lot of times, Indian recipes will call for whole spices like cumin, mustard, cardamom, and more. Although these spices work fine if you have the ground varieties, nothing beats the aroma and flavor of fresh whole spices. So if you can, try to incorporate more whole spices into your cooking and see if that doesn’t help.


Although there are always ways to make cooking easier – such as using kitchen tools like food processors – if a recipe calls to do something by hand, go through the trouble of doing it. Grinding ingredients in a mortar and pestle gives such a different flavor and texture than grinding it in a machine. Even though it does take more time, it’s totally worth it.