How to Make a Batch of Cupcakes Without Making a Mess

Cupcake tips
Photo by Brian Chan on Unsplash

Cupcakes: since we started eating them as children at birthday parties and school celebrations, we’ve all known them and loved them. After all, what better way is there to consume cake than in a neat little package all wrapped up like a gift just for you?

While cupcakes aren’t the most challenging pastry to conquer, they can still have their downfalls, overflowing from their cups or ending up with messy frosting. So if you want to make a truly impressive batch of cupcakes for a party or just for fun, here are some tips that will make your cupcakes turn out looking professional.

Use the Right Amount of Batter in Each Cup

This is really the main step that can make or break your cupcakes. If you do it wrong, you can end up with sunken cupcakes, mushroom tops, or an overflowing mess. A good rule of thumb is to fill your cupcake liners up about two-thirds of the way.

Allow the Cakes to Cool Completely

Even if you’re in a rush, you must let your cupcakes cool all the way before frosting them, otherwise, the frosting will melt and it will all end up a mess not even worth taking a photo of. If you’re in a pinch, putting the cupcakes in the freezer for 20 minutes is better than nothing.