How to Pick Perfectly Ripe Avocados Every Single Time

Photo by Gil Ndjouwou on Unsplash

Avocados are one of the most versatile fruits on the market and can be used in a long list of both sweet and savory dishes. The tricky thing about them is that you have to make sure that they’re perfectly ripe before using them, and you can make the right choice by paying attention to these three signs.

Sign 1: Color

Visual cues can come in handy when trying to determine the ripeness of avocados. The color of avocados is one of the main signs of their level of ripeness. Avocados with dark green or nearly black skin can be eaten right away, while green ones need some more time to ripen.

Sign 2: Texture

The texture is another visual cue that can help you determine avocado’s ripeness. It’s common for dark green avocados to have a bumpy texture because they’re perfectly ripe, while the ones with smooth texture usually aren’t ready to be eaten right away.

Sign 3: Firmness

The final step you can take before buying your avocados is to check their firmness. You can do this by gently squeezing the avocado in your hand. Ripe avocados will feel slightly soft when squeezed, but they won’t be too mushy.