Argentinian Foods You Should Try Cooking at Home

Argentinian food
Photo by Delfina Iacub on Unsplash

Influenced by Mediterranean, Spanish, and Italian cultures, Argentinian cuisine is unique, delicious, and really fun to cook. Food is a huge, central part of Argentinian culture, with social gatherings often including a meal. So keep reading to find out about some Argentinian dishes worth trying out at home to share with your loved ones.


A perfect party food, empanadas are crescent-shaped savory pastries that you can easily hold in your hand. Usually filled with meat, fish, cheese, and/or vegetables, then baked or fried, empanadas are delicious and fun to both make and eat, ideally with plenty of friends and family.


If you like hearty, comforting, filling stews, you’ll love carbonado, an Argentinian stew made with beef, which Argentina is a huge producer of. Usually made with dried fruit, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, onions, and squash, carbonado is perfect for the cooler months, especially served with some cornbread.

Alfajores de Maicena

Craving something sweet? Alfajores, soft cookies sandwiches filled with dulce de leche, just melt in your mouth in the most satisfying possible way. If you like to bake, you’ve got to try these.