How to Reduce Your Salt Intake

Image by Marek from Pixabay

Salt makes food delicious, but we also know that it can pose health problems if we consume too much. If you’re looking to cut down your intake, this article offers some clear and simple tips on how to go about this.

Prioritize Home Cooking

No one is saying you can never get a take-out pizza again. But it’s hard to deny that most store-bought ready meals and take-outs contain far too much salt. An easy way to take back some control is to eat mainly home-cooked food, as then you’ll know exactly how much salt is going into each dish. If you’re finding yourself pressed for time, try a little meal planning on a Sunday evening. Cooking in bulk and freezing some of the extras is another good way to ensure you have a ready supply of healthy home-cooked food.

Gradually Reduce the Salt

Our tastebuds become acclimatized to a certain amount of salt, so measure how much you’re using and then gradually reduce this. If the change is slow, you won’t feel like your food is really bland. As your tastebuds adjust, they will also start to pick up on other (perhaps more interesting) flavors in the food, so it’s a win-win situation.

Try Alternative Herbs

Rather than using salt to flavor your cooking, get creative with your herb and spice rack. Oregano makes many pasta dishes extra tasty, basil works well on pizza, cilantro can be used in a huge range of cuisines, and parsley is made to go with eggs.