Ice Cube Hacks for More Flavorful Drinks

Fruity ice cubes
Photo by sheri silver on Unsplash

As soon as it gets hot outside, we’re wanting to cool down with cold drinks. And nothing makes drinks colder than ice cubes, but when they melt, they make your drink watery and diluted. If you’re sick of ice cubes ruining your drinks, these ice cube hacks are perfect for you. Your drinks will be flavorful and cold all spring and summer long.

Iced Coffee

When it’s too hot to drink hot coffee, but you’re still wanting a boost of caffeine, iced coffee is the way to go. To keep your drink from getting watered down from ice cubes, freeze cubes of strong coffee. For more taste, you can add milk or flavored syrups to the coffee cubes.


Freeze orange juice cubes to keep your mimosa fruity instead of watery. For a twist on the classic, use grapefruit juice.


Lemonade is a summer classic and you can freeze it in ice cubes to prevent your drink from getting diluted.

Sparkling Water

For refreshing sparkling water, freeze lightly mashed fresh berries, puréed melons, or fresh herbs. Mix and match fruits and herbs to get a different drink every time.

Iced Tea

Iced tea is a great drink for flavored ice cubes and you can make Arnold Palmer by using frozen lemonade or ice cubes with slices of fresh lemon. You can also add ice cubes made with flavored fruit juices to iced tea.