If Your Girlfriend Isn’t Hungry, Take Her Here

Photo by Huy Phan on Unsplash

Picture the scene.

A couple goes out to a restaurant, sit down, receive menus, and decide what to order. They debate about the best option — well, the guy does; the girl says she is not hungry.

The guy orders his food — a classic burger and fries — only for his girlfriend to reach across the table and begin eating his precious golden julienne potatoes.

Sound familiar?

If it does, a restaurant in Arkansas now has your back.

Mama D’s Diner in Little Rock has included an item on its menu entitled “My Girlfriend is Not Hungry”.

For an extra $4.25 you can upgrade whatever you’ve ordered by adding extra fries, wings, or cheese sticks for your spouse.

Other restaurants which offer similar options are Tangled Hickory in Wisconsin, J-DUB in Oregon, The Hop Spot in New York, and One Night Stan’s in Calgary, Canada.

Menu add-ons — saving relationships one fry at a time.