If You’re a Craft Beer Enthusiast, You Have to Follow Cory Smith

One of the hottest trends right now in the beverage world is craft beer. Instead of choosing beers from big companies that produce millions of bottles of their product annually, many consumers are now opting for a more artisanal product that allows for variety in terms of flavors and styles.

It can be a little overwhelming to start off in the craft beer world, but fortunately, there are tons of resources that can help you learn more and make informed decisions when buying these products. One fantastic resource that I use is Cory Smith’s Instagram account, @cory_s_smith.

Smith is a writer for Good Beer Hunting, Punch, and VinePair and is considered one of the world’s leading craft beer writers. On his Instagram account, he does a fantastic job of sharing the most exciting beers that he finds with his followers.

Smith’s account has a little bit of everything related to craft beer. Are you looking to pair food with beer? He offers plenty of advice on that. Searching for information about a new and trending style? You can count on Smith posting about it.

Anyone who likes craft beer, from total newbies to seasoned veterans, will learn something by following Smith. He’s an indispensable resource for anyone looking to find out more about this trending drink.