In Japan? You Must Try These Live Seafood Dishes

If there’s one country on Earth that foodie travelers flock to in order to try some of the world’s best seafood, it has to be Japan.

Featuring the best sushi on Earth and some of the most unique and exquisitely-prepared seafood dishes that you can find anywhere, Japan is a seafood foodie paradise. But would you be brave enough to try two of its truly unique dishes?

The Land of the Rising Sun has two well-known dishes that are eaten alive. Check them out, and let us know if you’d be able to stomach them!


Ikizukuri, which means “eaten alive” in Japanese, is a preparation of sashimi which involves eating the fish while it is still alive. Chefs are only allowed to make minimal cuts to produce this dish in order to ensure that the animal is still alive while being eaten. The head is left attached so that diners can see the gills move. It certainly isn’t for the weak of heart.

Odori Ebi

Odori Ebi is a shrimp dish that is served to diners while the crustacean is still alive. It’s typically dipped in sake before being eaten so as to incapacitate and intoxicate it. Diners are advised to eat this dish quickly so that the animals do not suffer unnecessarily. Would you try this crazy Japanese delicacy?