India’s Best Spices Will Add Flavor to Your Next Meal

Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

One thing that you absolutely must get right if you want to successfully master Indian cooking are the spices used in this incredibly rich cuisine’s flavor repertoire. 

Here are four spices that you absolutely must have in your spice rack if you want to add flavor to your cooking and master Indian flavoring techniques.


Found in cooking throughout the world, from the Middle East to Mexico, this warm spice is also commonly employed in Indian dishes. A common addition to curry dishes, Indian chefs love it due to its aromatic nature and ability to combine with other flavors.


This herb’s seeds provide another classic taste when making Indian food. In fact, it often pairs with cumin! Its taste is described as lemony and citrusy and is often used in conjunction with hotter and more intense flavors.


Have you ever seen an Indian dish with a bright yellowish-orange color? It probably owed its striking appearance to this spice, which has a flavor that many compare to ginger. It’s a must-have for Indian cooking.


This intense spice must be used with caution due to its ability to overwhelm other spices, but it’s a great addition to many dishes such as curries and rice dishes. It adds complexity due to its spicy, citrusy, and herbal nature and is simply unmistakable.