We’ll Get a New Kit Kat Flavor This December

Image by WikimediaImages from Pixabay

Kit Kat Mint Dark Chocolate Duos are about to hit the stores in December and we seriously can’t wait for it. Starting December 2019, they will be one of the permanent Kit Kat flavors, but there are people who have already tried them and they claim they’re delicious.

Among the Instagrammers who’ve had an opportunity to try the new Kit Kat taste are Marcus and Matthew of @mnmtwinz. They shared their impressions with followers in a post published on October 3rd. “Mint + Dark Chocolate Kit Kat Duos are coming for the holiday season! Expect to see them nationwide in December, or maybe even earlier,” the twins wrote.

They said that dark chocolate pairs wonderfully with cooling mint. “Every year we grow fonder and fonder of mint chocolate as we feel the desire to try new releases of the brands we love.”

You should definitely give them a try even if you’re not a huge mint chocolate fan because there’s something so festive about them. There will be here just in time for the holidays!