Insanely Expensive Restaurants For a Once In a Lifetime Experience

Photo by Michael Browning on Unsplash

On your birthday, going out for a slightly pricier meal with your friends can be easily justified. If you’re feeling guilty about an $80 bill after splashing out on a three-course meal and some champagne, just take a look at these Michelin Star restaurants and the hefty price tags that come with them.

$2173: SubliMotion, Spain

Located in Ibiza, SubliMotion is inside the Hard Rock Hotel and offers a unique dining experience. Diners receive hi-tech headsets and are immersed in music and art. The food itself is incredible and you can expect 15-20 courses.

$600: Masa, New York City

Masa is a Japanese sushi restaurant owned by Masa Takayama. You can expect to pay $240 for some maki roles. Yes, the food is good but in reality, people go there for the status. It’s a place for the elite and only the rich and famous go on a regular basis.

$442: Maison Pic, France

Maison Pic is a three-star Michelin restaurant and the food is notoriously incredible. It’s expensive but it will likely be the best dining experience of your entire life. Truly, the food there is stunning. If you’re lucky enough to go there one day, please tell us if the chocolate desert really is as heavenly as everyone says it is.