Japan Celebrates Christmas with Romantic Cakes

Japan is a country with a rich tradition that includes religion, but it’s mostly secular these days. According to the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs, there were 1.9 million Christians living in Japan in 2017, which is nothing compared to the total population of 126.8 million people. But the Japanese have their own way of celebrating Christmas, even though it’s not a religious or national holiday for them.

In Japan, Christmas has been marketed as a romantic and elegant holiday for many years, and most people see it that way. That’s why they celebrate it with simple cakes like strawberry shortcakes. Most hotels, restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, and other businesses start promoting their Christmas cakes in November and they are usually sold out far before the holidays.

Even though Christmas is not as big in Japan as in some Western countries, it’s still a pretty festive time of the year. It’s only days before the New Year so it’s a chance for many people to spend time with families in a way similar to other countries that celebrate Christmas.