Justine Snacks’ TikTok Will Make You Start Cooking

Screenshot via Justine_Snacks/TikTok

One of the many hidden treasures of TikTok is its amazing variety of cooking vlogs. You can really find a video tutorial for anything you feel like making, and it’s a lot of fun to be able to see what other commenters have to say about it, too. Justine Snacks’ account is one food-related TikTok account that is totally worth following and is bound to get your cooking passion going.


ground beef salad

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Justine’s videos are fun and colorful, and she delivers her recipes and food tips to viewers in a clear and accessible way. Even when she doesn’t have a concrete recipe for a certain dish, because she simply “cooks it from her heart”, she makes sure to deliver the most important tips about her process in the video. A good example is this pumpkin spice overnight oats video:


no recipe but I’m still linking a recipe lol

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There are so many cool food videos you can find on Justine’s TikTok account! From fun upgrades, to mundane foods like salad or mac & cheese, to healthy sweets like homemade granola bars and green matcha cookies, it’s hard not to get hungry when you look at her account.

For anyone wanting some written guidance outside of TikTok, Justin also has her very own website containing all of her lovely recipes.

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