Kitchen Tricks to Make Your Plates & Utensils Last Longer

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

The kitchen isn’t a spot for everyone, especially if you are not really interested in spending time there. But at some point you’ll need to know how to take care of all the utensils there. For all the ladies and gents out there who don’t know the basics of making plates and utensils last longer we prepared a short list of tips.

Protect Wood Items With Mineral Oil

If you occasionally coat wood utensils with mineral oil their lifespan will be longer. You can easily find it in markets and won’t make your wooden board smelly. The mineral oil also doesn’t make it slippery.

Forget About Vinegar

A lot of people use vinegar for cleaning utensils. What you might not know is that vinegar can cause damage to your kitchen items. It can also create a reaction with the aluminum in them and all of that can get to your meals. So if you want to make dishes and utensils last longer forget about vinegar.

Don’t Dry Items Of Different Materials Together

It does sound strange, but it is very important. The main problem is with the ones that are made of wood, they always need extra time to dry. Also, if possible, store them separately.