Learn How to Make Saltwater Taffy Just in Time for Taffy Day!

Photo by Ava Tyler on Unsplash

Shout out to all you taffy lovers out there: Taffy Day is coming up on May 23rd, and it’s the ideal time to celebrate this epic childhood treat by learning how to make a version of it at home.

If you’re moderately freaked out about the idea, don’t worry—a super-simple TikTok video by @sugarpusher will walk you through the surprisingly friendly process of preparing saltwater taffy in your own kitchen.

@sugarpusher Cotton candy saltwater taffy! #taffy #candy #candymaking #easyrecipe #cottoncandy #GossipGirlHere ♬ Boardwalk – Engelwood

Just make sure you have some corn syrup, corn starch, granulated sugar, butter, salt, and your food coloring of choice. Once you’re done following her instructions, you should end up with a sweet goo that looks like a delight to play with. And that’s actually your main job here: playing with your goo until it turns into saltwater taffy! How cool is that? Once it reaches the desired state, you can simply cut it into small pieces and wrap it in pretty paper to have it look like the real deal they sell in candy shops. 

So, are you ready to take on taffy-making at home? Hurry up and try it. Come Taffy Day, you’ll be fully prepared to throw a social gathering starring your own homemade classic.