Leave the Resort and Try These Foods on Your Next Dominican Trip

Do you have a trip planned to the Dominican Republic in the near future? Plenty of tourists travel to this Caribbean nation, looking to soak up rays and drink cocktails at beach resorts. However, if you travel outside of the resort and immerse yourself in Dominican daily life, you will find that there are lots of gastronomic wonders to try.

Here are three that you should check out in the DR.


Sancocho is the Dominican Republic’s answer to chicken noodle soup. This comfort food often contains pork and/or chicken and a hearty combination of native vegetables. This dish is as Dominican as it gets.


These little delights, which are made with slices of green plantain that have been fried twice in hot oil, are another Dominican favorite. Often dipped in savory sauces, they’re the perfect Dominican side dish.

Habichuelas con Dulce

Habichuelas con dulce literally translates as “sweet beans” and is a unique Caribbean desert. Combining red beans with cinnamon, coconut milk, sugar, and other sweet ingredients, you will find this dessert especially around the Easter holiday.