Look Out for These Seasonal Veggies this Summer!

Image by tpasmore from Pixabay

Summer vegetables make this season so special. Check out your local farmers’ market and grab as much seasonal veg as you can!


Corn is one of the most classic summertime foods, because summer is when corn is in season! Load up on as many ears as you can this summer and enjoy the juicy, sweet kernels of joy that come from corn. Try a grilled corn salsa with fresh tomatoes, red onions, and spicy jalapenos, and your picnic basket will come alive with flavor.


Although we find this in the grocery store all year round, the time for cucumber to shine is actually right at the beginning of summer. Pick up cucumbers from your local market and make them into delicious quick pickles, slice them into thick strips to dunk into hummus, or thinly and rolled up into homemade sushi!


Tomatoes will grow all summer long, and when you have your first bite of a fresh one, you will feel so sad for all the tomatoes you bought during the winter. One of the best ways to use tomatoes this summer is to make your own sauce out of them and save it for the winter time, when all that is left is yucky, probably GMO, ‘maters.