Would You Drink a Cocktail with Raw Egg in it?

Photo by Johann Trasch on Unsplash

When you first ask someone if they would eat a raw egg, there can be a mixture of emotions. However, we consume raw eggs pretty often in things like mayo, Cesar dressing, and even some pasta dishes as a finishing touch. But would you actually drink a raw egg?

These cocktails might just push your limit to the max, so give them a try.

Prairie Oyster

A prairie oyster is a drink that most use as hare of the dog to make them feel better after a night of drinking.

All it is is a raw egg with a little salt, pepper, a few drops of Tabasco, and a little Worcestershire sauce. You can also make it into a cocktail by adding whiskey to it.

Whiskey Sour

A lot of people don’t realize that most whiskey sours actually have raw egg in them!

To make a whiskey sour at home, you just need to combine 2 oz of bourbon with 3/4 oz of fresh lemon juice and 1/2 oz of simple syrup.

You can leave it at that, but to make it really light and airy, add in 1/2 oz of egg whites. Shake everything in a cocktail shaker and serve over ice!

This drink is also sometimes called a Boston Sour, so if you ever see that on a menu, give it a try.