Looking for New Recipes? Check Out @sproutedkitchen

If you aren’t an expert cook or passionate about creating your own recipes, it can be hard to get creative in the kitchen.

Sometimes, we end up being far too happy with making the same recipes as always due to their quick and easy nature. But if you aren’t a master chef, yet still want to add some spice into your kitchen life, I recommend following @sproutedkitchen.

Sara Forte, the curator of this account, is a professional cook who knows how to make delicious food. The great thing about her recipes, and what differentiates her from other Instagram foodies and cookbook authors, is that her inventive recipes are simple and can be made by anyone!

Forte is a mom who has a busy life and understands how difficult it can be to prepare a good meal with limited time. However, she is able to provide her followers with interesting meal ideas that are healthy, delicious, and not overly difficult to make.

So, if you don’t have a ton of time to experiment with fancy new meals but would like some new ideas for your kitchen, follow Sara! You’ll be inspired to try all kinds of new foods.