How To Make Your Sandwiches Healthier

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No good sandwich is finished without a spread; it is essential to maintaining a level of moisture sandwiches desperately need. Unfortunately, it’s easy to turn to fatty ingredients like mayonnaise or butter to provide that moisture. But, by using one of these alternatives instead you can maintain a healthy diet without sacrificing taste.  


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Not only is avocado great in Latin-inspired dishes, but it can be just as spectacular spread on bread. Simply spread, add lime juice if you choose and you have a creamy component in no time. 


Pesto is normally only used for pasta, but actually, it is a great spread for a sandwich as well. Not only will it provides an herbaceous flavorful element to any sandwich, all the herbs and garlic in it give it a health boost as well.


Tahini is a Middle-Eastern ground sesame paste normally used in hummus. However, this nutty spread is great for Asian inspired sandwiches, or really anything you make. A simple way to tone down the nuttiness is to add just a bit of water and lemon juice.


Hummus is a delicious and smooth spread to add to a sandwich. On top of it’s great taste, it’s also vegan and loaded with protein.