Make the Best Squid By Avoiding These Common Mistakes

Photo by Esperanza Doronila on Unsplash

As with most seafood, squid can be either delicious or no good at all, it all depends on the way you prepare it. If you want to make sure that your squid always tastes great, scroll down and check out some common mistakes you should avoid.

Buying Just Any Squid

Don’t settle for just any squid that your grocery store or local market has. Make sure to thoroughly examine it and ensure it is fresh. A good guess is a neutral sea smell, bright eyes, and firm skin.

Not Cleaning it Properly

You should really put some extra effort into cleaning the squid. Make sure to be thorough and remove all the small parts that might spoil the taste, like the quill and leftovers of slime. Wash it thoroughly after. If you don’t want to bother, you can always pay a bit extra for squids that have already been cleaned.

Using the Wrong Cooking Technique

When cooking squid, you need to decide on the cooking technique you want to use. You can either stir-fry it at a very high temperature for a brief amount of time or cook it at a low temperature for more than an hour. Anything in between will make the squid taste rubbery and not so good.

Not Experimenting with Different Squid Dishes

Don’t settle for just one type of squid dish. Instead, allow yourself to experiment, trying it fried as an appetizer and adding it to your fish stews.