Make Your Air Fryer Onion Rings Extra Crispy in Three Short Steps

Photo by Mehrshad Rajabi on Unsplash

An air fryer can make all sorts of different foods extra crispy and delicious, and onion rings fall under that category. If you feel like your air-fried onion rings are missing something, these useful tips will help you take them to the next level.

Use Cooking Spray

If you’re not using any cooking spray when preparing onion rings in the air fryer, it’s time to start. This small change will give this dish the brown color and crispy texture that it’s best known for. To avoid damaging your air fryer, consider using a non-aerosol cooking spray after about half the cooking time.

Don’t Overcrowd Your Basket

Like with all foods cooked inside your air fryer, you’ll have to be really patient with your onion rings. Overcrowding your basket will lead to uneven cooking, so always make sure to arrange your onion rings in a single layer and cook several batches if necessary.

Seasoning Bonanza

Frozen onion rings usually come pre-seasoned, but what if you feel like making your own? If that’s the case, get ready to experiment with seasonings, from garlic powder to chili to take your homemade onion rings to the next level.