Mazagran: the Weirdest Iced Coffee on Earth

Photo by Linda Xu on Unsplash

Iced coffee is a favorite beverage of ours because it provides you with a burst of strong coffee (if made correctly, with cold brew coffee) while being a versatile beverage that can be drunk at any time of the year, even when it’s hot.

While we typically drink iced coffee only with a splash of whole milk, you won’t believe what goes into making one of the strangest coffee beverages on the planet, mazagran.

This unique beverage has existed since the 19th century, when it was born in Algeria due to the ingenuity of French troops stationed in the North African city.

They wanted a caffeine boost, but because of the hot summer days and the limited availability of resources in the city, they had to be creative.

This is how mazagran, which has now spread throughout parts of France, Portugal, and Austria is born. In fact, many refer to it as the first iced coffee beverage ever developed.

Why is it strange? Mazagran isn’t your normal, run of the mill-iced coffee. It consists of a shot or two of hot espresso which is then poured over ice. Water is then added to it to make the coffee more drinkable.

What happens next? Well, it depends on what country you’re in. The French version is just coffee, water, and ice with a slice of lemon added.

In Portugal, these four core ingredients are combined, but the drink is complemented with a dash of sugar syrup to give the mixture added sweetness.

Austria takes it one step further, turning mazagran into an alcoholic beverage. The traditional version of the drink in this country has rum added to it.

What do you think? Does mazagran sound appetizing? Which country’s version would you prefer?