Follow @letmeeatcake if You Have a Sweet Tooth

@letmeeatcake Is The Favorite Insta Account Of Sweet Tooths
Image via letmeeatcake/Instagram

Being obsessed with desserts is a real deal. If your Insta page is full of great foodie accounts, you should definitely start following this one. Nastassia Johnson is the mind and name behind a colorful Insta account called @letmeeatcake. You already know it’s going to be a good one. 

Nastassia is based in Los Angeles and is on a constant quest to try out the most delicious desserts there are. All of the sweet tooths out there will want to join this food blogger on her fun journey. What’s even better, the aesthetics of the Insta account is so vibrant and will literally make you drool. Johnson has been a part of the food industry for ages now until she decided to start her own thing. She takes pride in opening the first-ever Filipino food truck in LA, managing popular restaurants, and now owning this up-and-coming food blog. 

It can be donuts, waffles, cookies, shakes, ice cream, macaroons, or sweet sandwiches. @letmeeatcake knows all the best places where you can spend your hard-earned money. Next time you’re visiting Los Angeles, this account can guide you through the top cafes, restaurants, bakeries and dessert places in town.