Mei Yee’s Lemon Desserts Are a Sweet, Refreshing Delight

We can always count on viral food blogger Mei Yee to rock our world with her picture-perfect desserts, and she always makes sure they’re 100% vegan. Lemon is one of the common ingredients in many of her recipes, and here are some of the very best that put it to some good use.

Lemon Cookies

If you enjoy experimenting with cookie icing, this recipe will be your cup of tea. In addition to being made with lemon juice, these cookies look just like lemon slices!

Lemon Madeleines

Madeleines are one of Yee’s specialties, and she couldn’t resist making them with some lemon zest. This isn’t the only explanation behind their yellow color—they also feature canary yellow powder.

Lemon Coconut Mousse Cake

Yee is also constantly putting mousse cakes on the map, and we’re never getting bored of her recipes for this sweet treat. This one features layers of white chocolate, homemade mousse, and passion fruit glaze.

Lemon Pie

If you want to take your dessert-making experience to the next level, this pie is just the thing you need. Topped with meringue cookies and macarons, this pie is a true sweet delight, but freshly squeezed lemon juice makes it extra-refreshing.