Top 3 Tips for Taking Your Churros to the Next Level

Tips to making the best churros
Photo by Foodie Flavours on Unsplash

If you’re always in the mood for trying delicious international desserts, you’ve probably discovered the magic of churros a long time ago. This specialty of Spanish cuisine is known for its crispy texture and tasty sugar coating, and these tips will help you make it on your own.

Adding Eggs

Churros wouldn’t be the same without eggs, but it’s important to add them to your batter the right way. Make sure to let your dough rest first because it shouldn’t be too warm when you add them. Your eggs should be cold, as well, because you’ll have an easier time beating them this way.

Frying Tips

Frying your churros isn’t an easy task and it takes time to master it. The most important part is to keep an eye on your churros along the way so they wouldn’t burn down. Keep your temperature at around 350˚F, and stop frying churros once they’re golden brown on both sides.

Sugar Coating

Cinnamon sugar dip is part of the reason why churros are so delicious, and the way you coat them makes all the difference. Don’t wait too long before dipping them in the sugar mixture because they’ll stick much better while they’re still warm. Putting them on a paper towel afterward is highly recommended so you wouldn’t end up dealing with wet and oily churros.